We believe in a society where all of us have a place, matter and contribute to.

Our mission is to pomote persons with disabilities` rights and authentic inclusion in a way that their BEING and DECENT LIVING in the community are naturally met.

Value your life!

Pro ACT Support Association was founded on April 6, 2011, to improve the quality of life of persons in distress, offering social services and promoting proffessional practices in education and social fields.

Our values are as simple as they are powerful:

  • Respect for the human being - central value of Pro ACT Suport, it`s the foundation of all interventions. All people have the same rights, which we promote and respect.
  • Belief in human potential - every human being has something to give to the world in which he lives. Pro ACT Suport helps people discover and develop their potential, resources and gifts.
  • The team - behind all the actions are dedicated people, who have gained experience, knowledge and are tireless in believing; people whose personal values are found in organizational ones. They help to promote a model of good practice.
  • Support first and foremost in the form of a person-centered approach and secondly, support for staff through regular supervision, interview meetings, in which the psychologist's contribution is valuable.
  • Partnership - establishing a person / client-team partnership relationship, empowering him. We do not have power relations, but there is openness to communities, authorities, other NGOs, people with disabilities, employers.

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Social Inclusion Services

Social inclusion services promote de-institutionalization of adults with disabilities who have lived most of their lives in institutions, simultaneously with integration in community houses offering an individualized approach to recovery. Pro ACT`s efforts are focused not only on de-institutionalizing adults with disabilities, offering community based alternatives, but they aim an authentic inclusion, starting from exploitation and community integration, recovering activities to add value to the person.

This way, Pro ACT Suport contributes to the radical change of perception regarding persons with disabilities, putting them in normal context and giving them value through roles such as: inhabitant in a house and into a community, employer, contributor, neighbour, friend, buyer etc.


Pro ACT Suport Team

Cerasela Nicoleta Predescu

General Manager

“Above all, I love the people, and interacting with them and also what you can develop in an authentic relationship in which you put soul and science. I strongly believe in human being potential and in the fact that we all have something to give to the world we are living in.”

Carmen Cristea Barta

Financial Manager

“I started my career in an organization where I grew up and I trained as a professional. This helped me to have different jobs in other NGO`s, flirting a little bit with entrepreneurship. I returned to NGO`s because here I feel that I have something to give the world. The effort really worth especially when with my colleagues, we help our clients to integrate in society.”

Mirela Carmen Lavric

Innovation Manager

“I have always sought ways to bring quality and meaning to the lives of those who need support to obtain them. At Pro ACT Suport, the satisfaction of good results means changed destinies and dignified lives. “

Mihaela Dumitru

Social services coordinator in Bucharest and social worker

“It is an opportunity to be a part of Pro ACT Suport team, especially because I have the occasion to evolve both personal and professional in a non governmental organisation.”

Vasile Saulea

Social services coordinator in Giurgiu county

“I love people with beautiful souls. They inspire me and make me believe that if people want, they really can be good. Those I met, gave me a part of their world, enriching mine. At last, we humans are so resembling especially when it comes to experiences. I will name this place – a part of me .-“

Ioana Chiriac


“Behind each step of my career always stood people who believed in and encouraged me. Today, I try to bring to people I`m working for, something from what I learned – a bit of courage and will to succeed, eager to work and friendship in order to get closer to what real community inclusion is.”

Cristina Serban


“The environment we live in has a powerful influence on us. I strongly believe that each person has the right to a dignified life, where he/she feels secure and belonging. Me and my colleagues try to create this context in which people discover themselves, get to know their both resources and limits and in which they learn how to make their own decisions.”

Cristina Geana

Vocational Counselor

“At Pro ACT Suport I learned how important it is to see the Natural when you are interviewing about life of vulnerable people. It is natural for us to wish a family, friends, a partner, an income, appreciation and a place of our own. Starting from this fact, any professional intervention becomes more normalized and even more human.”

Alina-Maria Neamtu

Media & Communication

“What do I do at Pro ACT Suport? I find and reveal “the color” from where the world thinks that the human being is…without.”


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