The three I stand for: Ion, Ionica and Independent

An autumn day, Ion and Ionica, in the morning, already packed, are getting ready to meet their new friend, Independent. This is the first time they meet him in reality!

They heard before about Independent, and the moment to meet him “in person” arrived. Excited by the new perspective, they shook hands with Independent who came straight into their lives with: luggage, changing places, shopping list, house chores, new rules, concerns, schedule, budget. But also with: joy, self-sufficiency, decision aver its own life and freedom of action.

Independent is for now, a little bit stressful, but we know that some time is necessary for things to get right and it will take a while until Independent will become a real friend for Ion and Ionica.

Scared and haunted by childhood memories, by life lived with so less, the two I-s share an apartment where each has his own room and for which they demonstrated through hard labor and sincerity, that they deserve it. This friend, Independent is like an open window for Ion and Ionica and time will decide when the moment of the flight will come.

Until then, Pro ACT is as always, by their side!