Mister Braileanu celebrates Easter in a “new” home

We introduce you Nicolae Braileanu, Mister Braileanu as we call him, at Pro ACT. Mr. Braileanu has been our client since April 2015. He came to us from the residential social services of General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sector 1, Bucharest. Born and raised in Bucharest, Mr. Braileanu comes from a numerous family with many sisters and brothers. His parents left this world and the loved ones, who remained, were constantly contacted by Mr. Braileanu. He called them so often that they started to keep him at distance telling him the same message that Pro ACT was transmitting from a long time:

”Mr. Braileanu, you have a job, you earned your own money, you have friends that support you, you are stressed because of the rules you have to obey here at Pro ACT, you don`t want to share a flat, you don`t like to be supervised by Pro ACT team and you always tell us that you decide your own life. You are totally right and we couldn`t agree more: make up your mind and take action, we offer our support!”

Not even living at Pro ACT wasn`t easy, no matter how much we wanted his best, Mr. Braileanu was always finding reasons to complain. He was permanently unsatisfied. Having such a behavior, we thought to raise Mr. Barileanu`s awareness towards what was so obvious to happen with a little courage: independence and autonomy. Mr. Braileanu was more than ready to become independent, he wished so, but he didn`t talk about it, most probably he not even realized how much he wanted to “be free”.

So, after many struggles, Mr. Braileanu moves in a new home. He took the big step and it happened so quickly, that impatience got over him. He searched all by himself a house that will satisfy him and he found one, right in the city center. A room for him, with a kitchen and a bathroom that he will share with other 2 colleagues. But that wasn`t enough for Mr. Braileanu, he took a step forward and asked to get out of the public social assistance system. His request was approved!

Before Easter 2017, Mr. Braileanu has moved where he longtime desired- in the middle of the community, deciding alone every step he will take in his life. For us, the client Mister Braileanu, is a success example, that encourage us to persevere when getting the persons with intellectual disabilities (our clients) to live normal, in the community.