Spring of Independence!

She is Simona, the first Pro ACT client who, after almost 5 years spent in our social inclusion services with maximum support, gets to feel the taste of Independence, moving alone in a house.

Everything started in May 2012, in a store, where, Simona, who just went out of institution, goes for the first time to shop for clothes – “You can buy me this dress, but I`m never going to wear it!”. This was Simona at the beginning, she refused everything, she didn`t have any dreams or wishes. You looked at her and you wondered if Simona has any chance in this world…she seemed like a lost cause.

But, with a lot of work, patience and tenacity from Pro ACT team, Simona began to trust herself. Along the way, Simona gets closer to the support person Mari, from who she attaches.

From this moment of bound on, the story is different; a walk today near the house, a longer one tomorrow, then in town first accompanied, then alone. Simona learns how to clean the house and to bake cakes, so delicious that she starts to sell them, soon getting to be hired in a bakery.

Simona`s life path winds towards a normal life in the community and with self confidence getting stronger, she starts to earn her own money and to buy her first piece of furniture, golden earrings, new clothes among which, what do you think?, lots of skirts, blouses and elegant dresses.

2015 is the year that brings Simona for the first time at the sea side in her first vacation, she paid with her own money. Then, because of her success, Simona got invited at the European Parliament, in Brussels, to tell people about her new life and to promote persons with disabilities’ right to live in the community.

Simona`s kindness, innocence and diligence, which they abused so much back in institution, finally get to be rewarded. Like Cinderella who worked a lot and without expectations, Simona moves in a house where she will leave on her own, happy and independent, like she deserves!