Tudor, Tudor, Tudorel!

If you want an example of optimism, charm and charisma, we invite you to meet Tudor.
Very friendly, communicative, hard working and sociable, Tudor hides many natural fears for an adult that spent his entire life in public institutions, away from wellbeing of the soul.
Physical strength and inner power made a pact that they never leave Tudor and stand by his side in moments when he hesitates. We wrap everything in a big smile and a lot of joy, we add a little non-conformism and we complete the verses that compose Tudor with a stare and agile look. He always has a reply for anything anyone would say to him.
Although we have been around him for a while now, Tudor is still oscillating in his wishes. We suppose that he needs more time to heal older wounds: rejected many times by his mother in an unusual and brutal way.
In 2015, Tudor went for the first time to European Parliament, where he was invited to speak about what does it mean to live into community like everybody else, though he is considered to be a vulnerable person and how good is to have a positive attitude towards people.
From Tudor we are learning every day how to “captivate” with your presence and big smiles persons around you. We believe that optimism and charisma are gifts Tudor makes to the world.