Ion Ionica, the family man

Around 4 years old, Ionica remembers that he was thrown out of train. That`s all!
The rest, we know from the social file from the institution: name – invented, age – established by a doctor so neither of them real and no other piece of information about his past.
So, Ion Ionica found when people celebrated St. John`s day (the reason for his name) is put in an “orphanage”. Then, he grew up moving from a public institution to another until we came to Pro ACT services, before he was 32 years old.
Having a certain restlessness in his voice, a slightly sense of humor and lot of will to help, Ionica is loved by his friends. More, his courage to express and the sincerity of autocrotocism determine 2 of our colleagues to baptize him. Yes, Ionica wanted to be baptized at 32 years old and the religious service was held in the Novaci church. His godfather and godmother were a neighbor from the house Ionica lives in and and a colleague from Pro ACT. Who do you believe was the happiest after this event?…
With his soul free, Ionica does a good deed – he calls an old friend known from an institution, mother of a 2 years boy, to come and live with him in Novaci. With compassion he insisted that the young mother is helped to find a job in Bucharest and now, he is taking care of the little boy while the mother is at work.
Somewhere, deep inside his soul, Ionica remained suspended in that moment when he was thrown out the train and now, it seems he wishes to prevent such thing happen to anybody else.
Thinking of Ionica, we see a family man and sometimes we feel he misses his unknown mother and father.