Ioana or The Ugly Duckling Story

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was constantly sad and seemed like nothing was pleasing her…this is how Ioana`s story begins.
Without family, far and away from her relatives, loneliness, others` ignorance, environment from the public institution, all these left deep marks on Ioana`s face.
Imagine a very shy, apathetic, grumpy, uninterested young woman that suddenly is the center of everybody`s attention, asked about wishes and dreams…her reaction was according to her amazement. “I want to see my family! I haven`t seen them for years!”.
And here it is how in spring 2014, Ioana with her heart bursting with emotions and her voice thicken by family sake, is on the train to Cluj, to see her mother, father and brother, after 14 years.
You could make a movie about how the reunion went and the impact it had on everybody present, but especially on Ioana, which is undeniable.
Returned home from Cluj, Ioana continued to fulfill her long list of wishes – going to the dentist for new teeth and new look. Said and done!
In the picture above, you can see the new, improved Ioana after many visits to the dentist. She was travelling from Mihailesti, where is the house she lives in, 16 kilometers to Bucharest, taking 3 buses.
Slowly, the traces of sadness started to fade out and leave place for the beautiful swan to appear and talents to reveal – knitting and reading.