Simona the Brave Heart

“You can buy me this dress, but I will not wear it ever!”…this is how Simona`s epic story started.
At the beginning she was refusing everything, she didn`t have any wishes or dreams. You looked at Simona and you couldn`t believe she would make it; she was like a…lost cause.
We invested a lot of work, patience and tenacity in Simona before she began trusting herself for instance. Along the bumpy ride, in her life started to get an important role, Mari, one of the caregiver.
Mary, became step by step, Simona`s support person and from this moment on, the story writes itself in other words.
A short ride today near the house, a longer one tomorrow, the day after tomorrow a visit to Bucharest, with Mari at first, then Simona alone. She learnt to clean around the house and to bake cakes, so delicious that she started to receive orders and then she got hired at a local bakery.
From here, the story goes on to Simona`s independent life: she bought her own closet, golden earrings, new clothes amongst which there are what do you think, many skirts, dresses and elegant blouses. More, last year she went for the first time in her first holiday at the sea side. She paid it from her own money that she earned by working at that local bakery. Also she flew for the first time to Brussels, where she was invited at the European Parliament to talk about herself and her new independent life in the community. These are real facts that happened in Simona`s new life.
Today, Simona has a beautiful smile, wishes and dreams, but above all, she has…COURAGE!