Geta at home

Year 2012, January, Geta is at CRRN Carpenis, Giurgiu county looking like a young boy left in a corner, hungry and with battered clothes, feasting some fresh made donuts as they were her first and last food she saw.
March 2012, she moves in Mihailesti town, together with other 5 colleagues, in a house with a garden and a greenhouse. But the hard times really begin from this moment on, when everything is newto Geta: the faces, the colors, the room, the pillow, the blanket, the clothes, the smell, the food, the neighbors, the colleagues…too much for a frail person like her who has been through a lot of discrimination, scams and lies that she always heard about her: “Geta, you`re agitated, let`s change your clothes to calm you down! Geta stay calm! Geta stop doing that!”.
Geta reacted, continuing to “do that” and even more, as form of adaptation to new conditions of life in community. Six unquiet months followed, filled with screams and lots of scratches on her face standing as confessions of words spoken that nobody understood.
In time, by securing her space, respecting her as a whole person and by rendering her the value she deserves, a new Geta arouse. Wit, attention to details, liveliness, diligence, joy and inner child that were asleep until then, came to light.
Today, the blue of the sky from Geta`s eyes is more intense, the words are more clear and the longing for the family fading with the new contact and relation re-established.