Florin, between past and future

Florin, is now in another stage of his life, being between two names Iliescu, given by those who found him, in institution and Surdoaia, his real name. A runaway child from the special school at 10 years old, Florin is found in the forest near Gradinari village, Giurgiu county, declared missing by the family from the first moment and yet unidentified by the police, he receives a fictive name (Iliescu) and he spends his entire childhood wandering from institution to institution. At age 34, Florin gets into Pro ACT Suport`s services where gets encouraged by the psychologist to talk about his childhood memories and his family. After many discussions on the subject, Pro ACT team decides to call the police – Department for Missing Persons and the story continues…they compared his DNA with the supposed mother`s DNA, and the result was confirmed: Florin was the one and the same with the person missing in 1990. The meeting after 24 years was very emotional, leaving everyone present speechless.
From this moment on the story continues different…more beautiful!
Now, at more than one year from the reunion, Florin talks about his family which he is frequently visiting and by gaining his long lost identity, Florin feels again…