Aurel and his Family

Aurel`s story begins with multiples transfers from a public institution to another, until his family lost track of him.
After 17 years, Aurel, new resident in Mihail house, talks to Pro ACT`s team about his mother, his sister and his missing family. It was enough for the social worker to try to reconnect him with family…dream came true on 20 September 2014, right on his birthday, Aurel receives as a gift his mother, nephews and sisters `visit.
Even though life was sometimes cruel to Aurel, his is always patient and understanding, seeming like accepting silently his faith. Hard working and joyful, although he is sometimes tired, he is offering smiles and cheerfulness to every persons he interacts with.
From this moment on, Aurel`s story is simple: he goes to visit his family as often as he desires his mother`s open arms and he lives hoping that soon his story will have a happy end – to remain forever with his family.